Balinese culture and Golf Paket in Bali

Just like dance and drama, music is a very important aspect of the Balinese culture. The most popular and well-known musical sounds in Bali come from the gamelan orchestra. Gamelans are made up of many different local instruments. Some of these include: the gangsa, a xylophone-style instrument with keys made of bronze and beaten with a mallet; rion, which are bronzed pots played by four men; a trompong, which is similar to the rion but played by only one person; a cymbal-like instrument called a cengceng; and kendangs, which are Balinese drums.

The course and club has a long and almost mythical history Golf tours in bali – Paket Gold Golf in Bali . Old Tom Morris came to South Uist in 1891 to create a course at the request of the wealthy land owner, Lady Cathcart, so that she could impress her high society guests. Old Tom created an 18 hole course that was maintained by the local crofters until the early 1920s when the demand for golf declined and social pressures on the local people meant that maintaining the course was not viable. Over the course of the next 80 years the course that Old Tom created was taken back by the wild.

US 2009 Solheim Cup participant and LPGA winner, Michelle Wie, is currently a part-time student at Stanford. Anne Quast Sanders has had one of the most outstanding amateur careers with 3 US Amateur wins and 8 Curtis Cup appearances.

Tourist Places in Bali is a place for more than seventeen world class waterslides. Waterbom is a playground fantastic five star located in the heart of South Kuta. Nestled amongst 3.8 hectares of tropical gardens of Bali, Waterbom is a great playground for the kids and adults. You can arrange your own holiday fun for days in the sun or relaxation in the shade, it is perfect for the whole family or for a special holiday. With dining options and a pool bar for tropical drinks, Waterbom Bali is a tourist spot in Bali for your entire family recreation.

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