Golf Modern and Bali

Of the many scattered islands in the Indonesian archipelago , Bali is the most famous island in the world . The island is located in the south of the equator has an area of ​​approximately : 80 miles long and 150 miles wide that resemble the shape of a fish . Civilization noted that Bali has an amazing microcosm of the history , legends , literature , art , nature , and man himself .
Padang Golf Modern offers members facilities beyond imagination . Tennis can be played both indoors and outdoors and the player has a choice of three different surfaces . If pumpkin or badminton is your game , you will find it there too , as well as an Olympic size swimming pool and Leisure & Health Centre , offering fitness training , massage , and yoga and jazz dance classes . A spa , complete with sauna , hot and cold plunge pools , sauna and steam room , is the ideal place to really relax after a long day of training .
The fairway grass cut short so easy to hit the ball . While in the rough , the grass is longer than in the fairway so the ball difficult to hit . Players continue to beat until the ball into the hole ( hole or cup ) . Each hole has only one hole .
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